Saturday, May 13, 2017

Colonel Harland Sanders

 Everyone has heard of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Colonel Harland Sanders. He was born in Henryville Indiana in 1890. He died in Louisville in 1980. Here is a link to learn more about the Colonel We have mentioned stopping to see his original restaurant in Corbin every time we travel on I-75 so we have finally been there.

I met the Colonel while working at Chris Volz Motors in Milan Indiana. I believe he lived in Seymour Indiana at that time. I was a mechanic at the GM dealer while in high school and until 1973. The Colonel bought new Cadillacs and I became his preferred mechanic. He would have been 70 years old at that time. He was very friendly and always dressed in his famous white suit. Maybe I should have asked him for a job in the chicken business?

The original restaurant started in 1932 was named Sanders Cafe, on the right.
A KFC restaurant is connected and on the left side.

The Colonel did a lot of things while. He had a motel, garage and filing station next to the restaurant. He also had a ferry boat in Louisville and sold Prudential Insurance before moving to Corbin. That's another connection for me as I also sold Prudential Insurance for a while after I left the GM dealership in 1973. Maybe I could have been selling chicken instead of insurance if I had asked him!

He built a model motel room inside the restaurant to advertise the motel. 

The model room is still there as part of the restaurant/museum.

The original restaurant with kitchen, office and the model motel room.

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