Tuesday, February 14, 2017

FMCA Rally

FMCA is one of many RV Clubs. We pay dues to FMCA, Escapees, Good Sam and Passport. FMCA and Escapees provide the most benefits; Good Sam and Passport save the most money with discounts at RV parks.

This rally was near our winter site so we decided to attend. The Family Motor Coach Association home office is in Newtown, Ohio, the east side of Cincinnati. They have rallys in many areas of the USA. We were surprised at the size of the Lakeland Lindner Airport in Florida and their Sun n' Fun area. The other surprise were the rows and rows of motor homes at the event. The official count was about 750. FMCA reported that other rallys have attendance over 2000 motor homes. 

I did not take photos of the other vendors and events. There were a number of seminars to attend. There are more airplanes on display and some in a building that we did not get to see. The airplanes were not part of the rally but were part of the Sun 'n Fun area. Here are a few photos of the 5 day event.

Our motor home and Jeep in line with many more. Good thing it did not rain. The weather was sunny and 78 degrees. We paid for electric service that was provided by large trailer mounted diesel generators. We were happy not to be parked near the generators.
Many rows of motor homes of all makes and models.
Back to back
Outdoor entertainment, the weather was great.
Freightliner chassis display, they are at all rallys. Their crew is from Gaffney, SC, same place where we had our service in November. 
Big diesel, 600 HP. Ours is only 380 HP
Air museum and displays. What's wrong with this one?
There were only 12 model VK-30's built.
The Convair F2Y, a rare jet, only 5 produced.
The only seaplane that exceeded the speed of sound.
A VF-31 F-14 Tomcat that flew from the Theodore Roosevelt carrier. Original design was in 1948. In September 2006, the F-14 Tomcat was retired at NAS Oceana.
A Lockheed XFV-1, one of two built in 1951 as a vertical takeoff airplane.
This is the only one to fly during testing.
A Boeing 727, donated by FedX and serves as a classroom for high school students. When class is in session, students watch on closed-circuit interactive tablets as their supervised peers in the cockpit start the aircraft and operate its systems.

Sun n' Fun, Lakeland Lindner Airport. This was a great place for the rally. We plan to attend again next year and spend more time seeing the other airplanes and displays.

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