Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hilton Head

We left North Carolina on Thursday (Jeep in tow again, not on a rollback) and arrived at Hilton Head Motorcoach Resort Thursday afternoon. Our friends Bob and Jan own a lot so they suggested we stop in. We rented the lot next to them for three days. The entire area was damaged by the hurricane. Bob said there were 500 trees that suffered damage in the resort. Most of it has been cleaned up and now the sun shines through the remaining trees. The island still has piles of brush and logs along the roads but everything is about back to normal. Crews are still hauling these piles out, seven days a week. If you wanted firewood there is enough to supply all of the southeast states for the winter. The live oaks seemed to survive well. 

Most of the trees are green, making the island look like summer instead of the dead of winter we are used to up north. Temps dropped as we arrived due to the cold front that was following us as we moved south. Low last night was about 40 degrees, way too cold. Tomorrow, Sunday, we are heading to Avon Park, Florida, our site for the winter. The day time temperatures there are low 80's and low 60's at night. 
Next stop: Florida.

I-26 south bound in SC
Bob and Jan Oakley, formally from Pennsylvania, are full timers like us. We met them in Red Bay when our motor home and theirs were both being assembled. 
Hilton Head Motorcoach Resort lot 191 where we stayed for three days.
There are about 400 lots in the resort. You can purchase one for yourself,
with prices starting at about $60,000.
Debris along the roads on the island waiting for pickup by crews
with large trucks and cranes mounted on the truck.
The light house at Harbor Town on the south end of the island. 
The harbor is empty, crews are repairing docks.
This cruise boat is still operation.
The live oaks are still intact.
Flowers in December!

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