Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Versailles State Park Grass

We stayed eight days at Versailles State Park, leaving Tuesday Sept 13. While we were there, my guys showed up each Monday to handle the yard work. All I had to do was sit and watch. The guys seem to show up wherever we stay so I hope they keep up with the grass cutting. We are now at the FMCA  park on Round Bottom Road in Newtown, Ohio. The guys showed up right after we arrived and cut grass and weed trimmed again. This happens every week and I don't even ask them to do it! 

Someone moved my fire ring, the guys moved it back

Cleaning up
All I can do is watch because we don't own a lawn mower
FMCA for the next five days. Check the grass


  1. Gee don't U just miss mowing the grass!!! G

  2. Mowing was OK sometimes but it always needed to be cut when something else also had to be done. Then the mower needed repair..... Now, no worries!