Sunday, August 7, 2016

Markland Dam on Saturday Evening

This is our 4th week at Follow The River RV Resort. Not much going on here but it sure has been hot. We have been hiding in the RV several days to escape the heat. Today was better, still hot sun but the air was much better. I did some work at my daughters house between the hot days. Distance to Vevay is 8 miles, Rising Sun is 22 miles, Lawrenceburg is 35 miles, Carrollton KY is 18 miles, Madison is 24 miles. Belterra Casino is about 3 miles north and we are NOT going to the casino.

Since we are somewhat in the country, we have driven our new Jeep over 1200 miles since July 16th. Just miles, not doing much since not much to do here near the resort. We will be leaving here on August 17, my birthday, heading back to Winton Woods near Cincinnati for 15 days. During that time, I need to finish the wiring on the Jeep so it's ready to tow behind the motor home.

Markland Dam on Saturday evening

Sunset by the dam


  1. quit and com around here without the grandkids they went on vacation
    just a note of help
    help me plan some spots on my trip out west
    Iowa, South Dakota,North Dakota, Montana,Wyoming,Utah,Idaho
    if you can help plan a route
    or the hots around there is would helpful
    hope see you soon back in the green humid Indiana state

  2. You should check out the casino, you don't have to bet. They usually have great food and entertainment. Love G

    1. We just stay away from them and ear hot dogs in the motor home.........

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