Saturday, June 11, 2016

Day 1 for Both of Us

Steve and Lisa parked next to us at the Red Bay downtown RV park to check out both of our RV's. I provided Steve more instructions about how systems operate in our former motorhome. He has prior camping experience so he will do fine. There are lots of things to learn and everyone has their way of handling some procedures. Mary and I have a lot of new systems to figure out too. Saturday will be washer and dryer test day.

Here we are with our new Phaeton. This is our home from now on. People often ask "where is your first trip" and we just say "somewhere in the United States wherever we feel like going next". 

Steve and Lisa are ready to depart for home in Ohio. They tow a Chev Equinox behind the motor home. Their first stop will be a Pilot Truck Center on I-65 south of Elizabethtown KY. Steve reported heavy traffic and accidents held them up so their five hour drive took longer but they made it there by dark. That Pilot is very large and has a good place for RVs to park overnight. Steve gets to use the on board generator for AC power. They will arrive at home Saturday.

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