Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Wednesday Day 10

Today we are back at the main plant in Red Bay where more work continues. Today and tomorrow will be mostly interior finishing and inspections. The exterior is finished except for a few side marker lights. It goes back to Belmont for a few paint repairs (very few, it really looks good). Belmont will be it's final destination next week before going to Sherman RV in Mississippi.

We had to take each other's picture.

It's back indoors for final finish work on the interior. A nano technology sheet is applied to the front end to protect the paint from rocks and bugs. It's invisible when dry and it works very well. Our current Tiffin 34tga has the same material on it and it looks like new after almost four years of use. The interior is almost complete but gets more inspections and a few touch ups on the wood trim. They do multiple inspections and test everything during construction and re inspect more at this stage.

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