Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday Day 16

It's a good thing we are here to watch every step. Watching the entire process for 17 working days was a good idea. We have been in Red Bay for almost 4 weeks.

It was tagged as ready for delivery to the dealer BUT we discovered some things were not done that we had requested. These items were on our list but someone took the notes off the windshield and sent it to Belmont for delivery. 

Now we are back at Red Bay for a few more items. We expect those items will be completed on Friday. We plan to leave on Saturday, heading north to Lawrenceburg for our house closing next Friday. Then we head to Sherman RV in Mississippi and we will have our new motor home (our ONLY home) the last week of May.

Mary is writing a list of things that need to be done. Most items are small but we want it corrected before it goes to the dealer. Then the dealer will not need to handle these items that should be done before it leaves the factory.
The ceramic floor tile looks good today. Several scratched tiles were replaced yesterday and that put it one day behind schedule. The tiles are removed with a small jack hammer, making quite a mess. The grout had to dry 24 hours before walking on it. The tile repair guys did a great job. The cleaning crew will finish up a complete wipe down Friday morning to get all the dust off everything inside.

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