Thursday, May 26, 2016

Heading South Again

We are driving south on I-65 heading back to Red Bay. Heavy rain started at Elizabethtown KY. We have reservations for Memorial Day weekend and next week. We go to Sherman RV next Monday to pick up our mew motor home. Thursday night we are in a Flying J truck stop in Franklin KY, just north of Nashville. No need to get out of the motor home, we have generator power and everything we need inside. We drive on to Red Bay tomorrow morning.

Raining at the Flying J


  1. Gee only 3 more days till you get your little camper!!!LOL G

    1. We get the new one June 7th so actually 10 days to go. I see you are back in the big city. We will stay in the little city for a while, slow and quiet here, just like we like it.