Friday, April 8, 2016

We Are South Dakotans

 Welcome to Emery South Dakota 
We are now citizens of South Dakota as of Wednesday April 6th.
Our home town is Emery, SD

Emery is a small farm town, all about corn and other grain. Grain elevators are everywhere. A railroad track is next to the grain elevator. Population is about 400. Everyone we met were friendly even though we were strangers to them.

Our address in Emery
We receive our mail here with about 2400 other people.
It's a bit crowded in the house when everyone is at home.

Lots of hunters live & visit South Dakota. Information says everyone in SD carries a gun so be polite.

Wind power is everywhere in Illinois and other northern states. We saw thousands of these during our 2000 miles of driving on our trip to SD

Not much except corn fields, many thousands of acres and a few farm houses spaced far apart on flat land. Drive for hours and you don't see many people or cars, just lots of trucks, many are grain haulers.
The main roads and interstates are well paved.

We now have our SD driver licenses and SD license plates!
This one goes on the motorhome when we get back to Lawrenceburg.

Heading back to Lawrenceburg for about 10 days then south to Alabama

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