Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday Day 7 - We Have Paint!

We had a look late today after it went through the first two paint steps. It looks dull now until it gets the two clear coat applications. The clear coat applications start on Monday so by Tuesday afternoon it will really shine. 

It really rained hard here when a storm came through after we left the plant. I should have taken a photo of the storm. Reports were 3 inches of rain in an hour. That provided a real leak test on our current Tiffin 34tga motor home. No leaks to report and it cleaned it better than a hand wash. 

Here it is between paint booths. This place is huge with 12 paint booths and many more work spaces. The motor home is is almost 42 feet long so you can see how big the building is. It's also a very clean plant, using modern paint dust and fume extraction. This was just before quitting time on Friday afternoon so it looked like things were winding down for the week. I would rather have my clear coating started on Monday!
Preparing to touch up the stripe colors was the last step today.
The nose extends out because the 10 KW diesel generator is on slide rails like a big kitchen drawer, making access easier for service work. The generator exhaust pipe is at the lower front corner.