Saturday, July 31, 2021

Yellowstone NP July 30

Some people told us three days was all you needed to see Yellowstone. Not true. The park has 2.2 million acres. We have four days and that is not enough to see it all. We have not been going indoors at all, avoiding Covid-19 so we have been outdoors only. We are not walking trails, but if we did it would take another week. If you want to get around to all the major sights, a lot of driving is required. Everything thing is 25-30 miles apart or more. Roads are good but lots of traffic. Parking lots are full so some places we could only drive by. Scenery is great and I really like my $44.00 dash camera.

July 30, we drove the main interior loop, about 160 miles. It was a full day. There were some Bison on the road and a few Elk in the fields. Early morning or late evening are the best times to see wildlife.

Crossed this at least six times during our visit at the park.

July 31, we drove to Mammoth Hot Springs, the north entrance at Gardiner, MT and to the Roosevelt Lodge on the Grande Loop Road. The road was closed beyond the Lodge so we had to return thru Mammoth on US-89. 

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